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10 Advantages of Having ADD

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There is a widespread mistaken belief in the world that getting Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD is a dreadful thing. Even as the ADD afflicted brain without doubt holds out a few risks, it puts forward a few hard to believe advantages as well. Given below is a listing of mannerisms that I over and over again see in my patrons, friends, and contemporaries with ADD.

1. Empathy

People with ADD have an incredible control to associate with other people. But it goes a notch ahead than that. We also have a highly developed capability to identify with others, and to see a lot of diverse point of views.

2. Ingenuity

I have on no account come across an ADDer who was not ingenious. Painters, designers, sculptors, film makers, writers, musicians, and comedians – the list goes on. Creative aptitudes are plentiful. Composers Mozart and Beethoven are assumed to have had ADD.

3. Enthusiasm

When an ADDer is fed up with a job, finishing it can look as if like torment. But provide an ADDer an attention grabbing task to work on and look out. When we would like to achieve something, and we have the essential tools to do so, there is no stopping us.

4. Problem Solving Capability

ADDers flourish on deciphering puzzles and problems. Provide us with an attention grabbing problem to crack and we will not be able to leave it until we have established the explanation. Significant historical inventors such as Thomas Edison and Thomas Jefferson are assumed to have had ADD.

5. Hyper-Focus

The capacity to hyper-focus is something that ADDers can make use of to our benefit. When kept under control and aimed towards fruitful jobs, like achieving objectives and living dreams, it can be an unbelievable positive feature that allows us to get the work done, and done well.

6. Sense of Humor/Flair for Comedy

Nearly all ADDers love to laugh, and a lot of them have an ability to make others laugh as well. Well known humorists such as Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams are believed to have ADD.

7. Spirit

There is no doubt that despite the fact that there are many great traits that come alongside with ADD, there are also challenge. But ADDers have a hard to believe capability to spring back back from those challenges, and others’ condemnation of those challenges that we have undergone.

8. Intuitiveness

ADDers have a quick sense of perception. This may be as a result of extremely refrained intensity of awareness, or great innate knowledge of the human mind, or something else that we have thus far to comprehend. No matter what the explanation is, it is a very valuable gift.

9. Idea Generating

ADDers are brilliant proposal makers. We do not by and large like to be troubled with particulars, but we can crop up with thoughts in no time at all. We are a real benefit in brainstorming meetings.

10. That “Special Something”

A lot of ADDers believe that they have an exceptional way of looking at the world, a point of view that others simply do not comprehend. That is, until the ADDer comes across other people with ADD. You may say that we are on our own wavelength.

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